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References and other Links

*Scientific American.com

Developmental Biology ONLINE!


The National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project

Why Study Photosynthesis

The Heart:  An Online Exploration

Gel Electrophoresis

HHMI's BioInteractive (Howard Hughes Medical Institute)

Bio:  Biology Industry


PBS (Public Broadcasting Station)

Genetics Science Learning Center (All you wanted to learn about DNA and genetics)

Koshland Science Museum

Cells Alive

Cellupedia (Learn about cells)

NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information)

NOVA Science NOW (Science News)

NCBI Homepage

Master Muscle List

Guide for citing sources using APA and MLA ( I want you to used MLA for this class since you will use it most)

Virtual DNA Extraction

Genetic Science Learning Center - a great general genetics site;  click on "Basics and Beyond"

Dolan DNA Learning Center

Punnett Square Practice:

Genetics Practice Problems

Drag and drop Genetics Problems

The Biology Project

Dihybrid crosses

Monohybrid Cross Problem Set

ACT/SAT Prep and Math Help

Info on growing flowers

Some of My Favorite Sites:


Weather Channel (I'm a weather junkie!)

USGS (Recent earthquakes.  Geology is in my blood!)

World Population Clocks (Interesting but scary...)


Google (my preferred search engine)




Some GREAT Causes

LEEP (Low Country Environmental Education)


Word Wildlife Fund



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